Dennis J. Baker: The Moral Limits of Consent in the Criminal Law


 题:The Moral Limits of Consent in the Criminal Law

主讲人:Dennis J. Baker英国萨里大学法学院院长Head of School and Professor of Criminal Law & Legal Theory, School of Law, University of Surrey





        Professor Dennis J. Baker (MPhil., Ph.D. Cambridge) is one of the world’s leading criminal law scholars. A prolific researcherand lecturer, Baker is widely cited by scholars and courts. His works have been cited by the Supreme Court of Canada, the Supreme Court of New Zealand, the High Court of Australia, the Court of Appeal of New Zealand, and by Court of Appeal judges in the U.K. Law Reform Commissions andGovernment Inquiries also have cited him. He has held tenured posts in 3 jurisdictions and some of his writings have beentranslated into Chinese Mandarin. Professor Baker comes to us from King’s College London where he was based for almost adecade and where he was Head of the Criminal Law and Criminal Justice group.He was also the former Chairperson of LNAT. Prior to taking up his postat King’s College London, he taught at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and before that at the University of Cambridge.