Matthew Diller:美国总统权力的来源及其局限性 Sources of U.S. Presidential Power and Their Limitations


主题:  美国总统权力的来源及其局限性Sources of U.S. PresidentialPower and Their Limitations

主讲人:Matthew Diller美国福特汉姆大学法学院院长

时间:  2017314日(周二)下午14:0015:00

地点:  法学院(文治楼)6楼会议室

主讲人简介:Matthew Diller is a prominent scholar of social welfare law and policy. He has lectured and written extensively on the legal dimensions of social welfare policy, including public assistance, Social Security, and disability programs and on disability law and policy. His articles have appeared in the Yale Law Journal, UCLA Law Review, Texas Law Review, and Michigan Law Review

Abstract: With the change in the U.S. Presidential Administration, there has been renewed interest in the powers and limitations of this branch of the U.S. government.  What are the sources of presidential powers in the U.S.A.?  What are the legal and practical constraints of presidential power?  What roles do the other branches of government play?  Matthew Diller, Fordham Law School Dean and Paul Fuller Professor of Law, will discuss the contours of U.S. presidential powers with examples of recent challenges and obstacles faced by the Trump administration.